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Tabless Aerial Hoop

Tabless Aerial Hoop

VAT Included

Aerial Hoop, Ring or Lyra; No matter what you call it, our single point hoops are made for aerial training and artistry.


Available in  PRO (24mm/0.94in) tube diameters and 900mm, 950mm, 1000mm. X-POLE Hoop diameters are specified as the inside diameter of the hoop.


All our hoops are made from high-grade steel and finished with a black powder coat.

Single Point Hoops are great for users who want more spinning movement and users with low ceiling heights.


To select which hoop size is best suited to you, we recommend that you sit on a chair, with good posture and have someone measure from the seat of your chair to the top of your head. Then add 5cm (50mm) and select the Hoop/Lyra closest to that measurement for a good fit.

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