What to wear

Pole Fitness

We look forward to welcoming you at Classique. Please ensure you don't moisturise the day of your class as this will affect your grip and may damage our poles. Suitable garments can be seen to the right these include fitness shorts, bicycle shorts, Specialised Grip Leggings, cut out swimsuits and well fitting bikinis. Aswell as this Speedos, bicylcle shorts, and a well fitted vest top are a great variation for men.

We also offer our own luxury pole fitness and aerial uniform available to purchase with our logo and your name.

Pole dance Isle of Wight

Aerial Hoop

Aerial Classes are quite open; whether its fitness leggings, joggers, or shorts, matched with a well fitted t shirt/vest top or sports bra. Leg warmers are also a great accessory. You will need to be barefoot for some moves.

Aerial hoop Isle of Wight

Classique Pole

Classique is a choreography based pole class however the same applies; please DO NOT wear moisturiser on the day of your class as this will affect your grip and may damage our poles. 

Please wear what is stated for a pole class, whatever will make you feel most comfortable. 

If you're feeling confident,please bring along some strappy heels/ boots that you can walk in comfortably. If you click the image to the left it'll guide you to a page to purchase pleaser and hella heels, the classic heels pole dancers wear and what your instructor will be wearing. We recommend starting with 7 inch heels.

We also suggest purchasing knee pads.

Exotic Pole isle of wight


Please bring along a bottle of water/squash and a fresh clean towel to wipe down the equipment whilst using it.

We have a kitchen in our space so don't worry if you forget to fill it up.

For extra grip you may want to purchase our pole grip available to purchase from our 'shop'.

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