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When choosing the right studio for you, it's important to ensure the teachers are experienced and qualified. Not only do we teach in methods to suit everyone, we also fully demonstrate the moves. Our mission is to use all of our past experience when we were learning to make your learning experience the best it can be. 


When you join a class with us, it will be in a safe, fun and empowering environment where you learn from the best how to be the best you can be working at your own pace and level.


Whether you're wanting to do a class for fun or you want to go into performing or competing, Classique can guide you every step of the way. Not only has Chanique taught (still teaching) national and international competition finalists. She has judged national competitions. Aswell as professionally performing regularly with great links in the industry. 


Classique dance studios is a judge free zone and a way to express yourself however you want.  We emphasise that ALL walks of life are welcome here. No matter your physical size, age, ethnicity, gender, or sexual preference. We embrace everyone and do not except any sort of bullying.


Let us be your new type of therapy.  


Yours sincerely



Classique Dance Studios

Classique Dance Studio. beginner pole fitness classes isle of wight


Chanique first started dancing when she was just 3 starting with Ballet. She entered freestyle dance world in 2009, working her way up to a champ status, and the pole dance world in 2015 travelling back and forth across seas to train.Alongside this, she also trained in other styles in the week including Irish (Champ) and ballet (int). She has competed at world dance championships, and competed on a monthly basis.She has trained (still teaching) national and international finalist dancers and athletes. Chanique, has also judged national championships so has experience and a clear view of what is expected in a competition.

You may recognise her from a few top hit music videos, one of which being 'out out' by Charlie XCX, Saweetie, Jax Jones and Joel Corey. This is now at 7 million views. Chanique is a signed model and, has great links to the industry because of this.


She loves to intertwine all her styles. She loves sharing how dance brings so much fun and positivity to change lives. She is known for her amazing flexibility and strength and is a patient and encouraging teacher, always ready to guide you through a new move and welcoming you to Classique Dance Studios.

Pole Dancing since: 2014

Aerial hoop since: 2016 

Disco Freestyle since: 2009

Irish dancing since: 2012



"Fitness has played a pivotal role in my life over the past decade; what that's looked like has changed over time but consistency has helped increase my focus and general wellbeing.


I was introduced to Cheer in 2014 and trained with both Stunt and Pom Dance squads throughout that year. The team spirit and energy is something that I strive to replicate in my classes; especially in my PomSquad Fitness classes!.


The biggest gift it gave me though was introducing me to resistance training. Despite what you hear, it won't make you bulky or masculine. Infact, its exceptionally empowering. I found my confidence in strength and I'll encourage everyone to do the same."

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